Minneapolis Local Video, Music & Art

Project Vibe - Live Music Series Season 1

Soul Tree
Idle Hands
Unsound Logic
Gentlemen Hall
Nicole & The Avalanche
Village Industry
Ranger Ranger
Patrick Hertz & The Frequency Band
The Pipestone Band
Red Pony
The Farewell Circuit
Bethany Larson & The Bee's Knees
Charlie Parr
The Grownup Noise
Racing Moth
El Le Faunt & His Traveling Circus
The Shakin' Babies
Jeff Dayton
The Sunny Era
Ian Alexy
As It Is
Pocketful A Change
Jillian Rae
The Sudden Lovelys
Martin Devaney
Southside Desire
Jake Manders
Brian Laidlaw & The Family Trade
Strange Names
Lucy Michelle
Black Diet
Jillian Rae
Step Rockets
Team Mates
Business Man
Joe Fessler
Pocketful A Change
Tuxedo Seagull
White Lines Grey Matter

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